Epic Silver Art Toy

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We're excited to introduce the Lil' Heroes Art Toy – a limited-edition and customizable piece created by Edgar Plans himself, exclusively for the Lil' Heroes and Lil' Villains Universe!

This stylized resin toy stands 30cm tall and comes in three unique colors – white, silver, and gold. There are 1500 silver collectibles, exclusively available for Lil’ Heroes and Lil’ Villains holders. 

Each Lil’ Heroes Art Toy arrives inside its own paint can vessel and comes complete with a brush so you can start designing your own custom masterpiece. The toy is 100% washable and allows you to tap into your inner artist while re-imagining your Lil’ Hero over and over again! There's no limit to what you can create!

This item is for pre-order ONLY. The Lil' Heroes Art Toy will begin shipping 90 days after we receive your purchase order.

Material: Resin
Product Size: 20x18x 30cm
Packaging Size: 26x26x 34cm (H)
Product Weight: 2.4kg
Estimate Tin Can Weight: 2kg
Total: Approximately 4.4kg
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